In Black & White Artist Feature – CHRIS REEL

We take a walk underground with Chris Reel

Name: Gerhard Laubser

Facebook: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

Triumphant within a passionate and bringing about change. Imagination re-imagined led to the rise of something specifically organic… Chris Reel is here and the best is yet to come. A maverick who dominates the Far North with Pulse and his mind has taken him into techno. Humble, hard-working and oh so jovial but the sound is just so dynamic. It’s comfortable to say that inspiration brings about greatness and this has brought about a call up to the boiler room of Modular this December… Keep your eyes peeled!!!

The Scoop

1) Three Words to Describe Chris Reel
Gerhard: Techno  , Techno ,  Techno.
2) What is Chris Reel compared to Vox Libre
Gerhard: I created the alias Chris Reel because I wanted to explore techno to a greater extend and Vox Libre is associated with Psy Trance. 
3) Your biggest inspiration for the project.
Gerhard: I have always liked the minimalism of techno and the power of it. I absolutely love mixing techno, especially when using more than 2 decks and using parts of songs to create an ultimate new experience.
4) What advice do you have for those trying to grow as artists
Gerhard: Sometimes it will get hard out there and there will be places and people that won’t give you the opportunity. It can get very clicky connections helps. Ultimately just never give up creating what you love. You gotta be true to yourself. 
5) What can we expect In the weeks to come
Gerhard: I am very happy to be making my debut at Modular 18 December in Cape Town and have heard such good things. The artist that has played there and still to play this holiday season are top notch !
I am also crossing fingers to play in Germany when I go visit there later this year. 

The Visual

The Audible

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