In Black & White Artist Preview – CHEE

Name: Lesegeaux Chez


It pains to see the future blinded by false prophet ideals but through this darkness, I find some clarity. And with that, I open my story to a much-needed editorial piece. A celebration… An exhibition… A visual and auditory showcase of the best SA has to offer. This is your Captain Gonzo on the buzzer with the third board of work next to “The List” & “The Experience”, for no reason in particular apart from the fact that it has a nice ring to it… “IN BLACK & WHITE ARTIST FEATURES”. Our first part focusing on It Hz counterpart & bass pioneer CHEE.  


The Pretoria export has taken the scene by storm and has nurtured a following which shows loyalty & recognition from artists throughout the SA music industry. The simplest explanation I could conjure up to explain what “Good Sir Chez” does is to summarize it into one short phrase “The Search For The End Of A Rainbow In Sound Waveforms”… “Like you are able to distinguish colour palates in notes of music”. The news of the day however is that we see CHEE make his way to the US in this final quarter of 2017 from the end of October through to the end of November with his conveniently named “Chee Pressure North America Tour”.

For those wanting to catch him before he heads out, check him at Oppikoppi this weekend.



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