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Name: Lyle Jensen

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The Spoken Word

The Mind Manipulation Device chief and king of night time by a long shot comes in the form of Lyle aka Archive, a person who has been synonymous with his exploits for the darker side of the psytrance spectrum. A bubbly individual who has a way of bringing a group of people together by being himself in the most simplest of senses and has found a way to continuously shine a light on the more twilight influenced sounds in a very progressively dominated platform. If you get a chance to speak to those who get to witness him live will hear one thing that sets him above everyone else in the psytrance community regardless of their psytrance sub-genre and that is Archive is a BEAST and untouchable behind the decks and there is very few who can replicate and do what he does as an artist while playing. Technical… Gifted… Seamless… He can bring a tonne of knowledge and insight to the minds of anyone he speaks to. You can catch him this weekend at Zodiac & later in the month at Transylvania New Dawn.

The Scoop

1) Describe Yourself In Three Words

Lyle: As a human I’d say: proud, sarcastic, & passionate; as a DJ in the Psytrance scene I’d say: proud, sarcastic, & passionate, haha.

2) Your Fave Release Of All Time?

Lyle: It’s actually impossible for me to pick just one, as every piece of time had some release that spoke to me musically at that moment. So, as I’m a fan of Top 10 lists, in no particular order, here are 10 albums that have stuck with me since I started listening: Absolum – Inside The Sphere RAM – Efficient Chips Skazi – Animal GMS – No Rules Infected Mushroom – The Gathering Phatmatix – Sorcery Shift – Redline Dark Soho – Sunspot Rinkadink – Rabbit from the Dark Side Artifakts

3) Artist To Watch Out For?

Lyle: I’d say locally both Iron Lotus & Contrast, as well as their combined Can of Tomato Soup project are bringing the psychedelic heat; Rubix Qube & Dyce’s project Qube & Dyce, as well as Singularity, & Synthetic Alkaloid, to name a few. Internationally look out for Octognoma (of Antispin); Omega Flight; Ashtar Command, and even though a relative veteran in the scene, Tryambaka, who’s making a major comeback to his original gothic organic roots.

4) Advice For The Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There?

Lyle: It’s going to sound cliché, but never give up! Some artists & DJ’s (myself included) took years before performing on the major festival stages, so if you don’t get booked after a season or 3, don’t fret! Just keep persisting, refine your craft & style, network where you can, and all those doors will open over time.

5) What can we expect from Archive in the weeks to come? Anything to look out for on the Archive or MMD front?

Lyle: Well first off, a stack of local gigs over the next few months, all over the place, including upcoming sets at Paradigm, Reboot & Psyked in the City, Psygasm, Trancemission, Ultranoize, & Zodiac (new event TBA); plus, some wicked outdoor festivals like “Transylvania: New Dawn” next month, “Elision: Engage The Noise” in May; and an epic outdoor Verse set booking still TBA for April.

Lyle: We have some full force MMD EP’s coming out over the next few months, from artists like Hykomadness, Tryambaka, Iron Lotus, & Octognoma, and I’m already working on another compilation alongside MMD Australian rep, Dirge, which we hope will see the light of day by next Summer season, so stay tuned for more info there.

The Visual

The Audible

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