In Black & White Artist Feature – Above Brent

We chat photography and look at Reset CBD with Above Brent

NAME: Brent Mercury
SLOGAN/MANTRA: You’ve got to go through the fire to come out stronger.


Like the flow of wave-forms engulf the world around you, so does the presence of any artist within their craft. Above Brent has started to find his foothold in sculpting a voyeuristic palate as if to look through his work from the mind of a human kaleidoscope. Simple, effective yet complex and purposeful. A born-to-be work-horse, his output speaks for themselves, has seen him bring us RESET.CBD and we are glad to have caught up with him.


1) Describe yourself in 3 words?


2) Talk to us about your journey: How did you end up in the photography industry? What steps did you take to get there? 

Brent: I always knew deep down I was creative, and a medium never presented itself to me until around age 23. After high school i worked here and there but never really knew which direction i wanted to go in, until one evening a friend asked me to take photos at an event, and I never put the camera down since. I Started hustling a gig here and there before I really put my head down and decided which area of photography I wanted to focus on. While hustling and navigating the industry, I’ve always looked for alternative ways of creating income for myself, that’s when i really started to understand what it really takes to become an entrepreneur. I’ve had to understand that “trusting the process” really means “keep working even when you’re not getting paid for it” because at the end it will pay off. I’ve have to understand the concept of having to grow yourself first before starting to grow a business.I have worked in all different industries within of photography:Portraiture, weddings,fashion campaigns, events, activations and in a personal photographer capacity.

3) What message do you feel you are most passionate about bringing to the forefront as an artist?

Brent: Individuality. Have you ever walked into a room and seen someone standing out because they are just, Themselves. Once we start the journey of self discovery everything just starts to align, I practice self discovery in my own personal photography work, from start to finish. I believe that when creatives make work that they really want to make, things start taking off for them.

4) Who would you say is your biggest inspiration (in any capacity)?

Brent: Grant Cardone

5) The best piece of advice you can give to those who want to be inspired and are just so new to the industry?

Brent: My best advice to anyone in any creative industry, or who is trying to push their own business, is to never give up. If it fails, move on and try something new, you have everything to gain.


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