In Black & White Artist Exclusive – WILD FOR THE NIGHT

We talk dreams and memories in pictures with Azlam from WFTN

Name: Azlam Abdullah

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The Spoken Word

Deep in thought yet full of energy… A fireball of hopes on dreams just radiating positivity to those around him. Wild For The Nights’ Azlam Abdullah is one of those peoples person who has grown on everyone around him to the extent where you tend to search for his presence. A man with a huge passion for his photography personified into one word… AUTHENTIC. A friend to us all and a mentor to those who want to grow in any field, Azlam is the person to look up to for inspiration. I won’t say look out for him, because he will look out for you and the memories will be captured for you to cherish at the next festival you cross paths with him.

The Scoop

1. Three words to describe yourself

Azlam: Seriously….only 3 words? You know I love talking. This is a real challenge for me, but let me try 🙂

– Passionate – I am passionate about many things in life, but most of all, I am Passionate about LIFE, Passionate about PEOPLE and Passionate about PHOTOGRAPHY

– Soft-Hearted – I am a kind, gentle spirit. Always trying to help others

– Comical/Silly – I am always cracking jokes and then laughing the most…at my own jokes…..because I know I am so funny hahaha

2. Your biggest inspiration

Azlam: My biggest inspiration in life is without a doubt my mom. She is such a strong woman, who has faced so many challenges in life, so many struggles and yet she is smiling. No matter what life has thrown at her, she has overcome and come out stronger on the other end. She has taught me so many life lessons. Without her, I would not be where I am today. Aside from my mom, inspirations for me have come from my mentors, many quarters, and in short anything and everything which is unique, different, better, more efficient. And not to forget, my best inspiration comes from myself. I celebrate my own achievements and make my own repository of successes and failures – my life lessons.

3. Dream scenario, setting, place to shoot

Azlam: It has always been my dream to visit the Scandinavian Countries to view and photograph the Northern Lights. Being able to see those unearthly colours in the night sky above a snowy Arctic wilderness, is definitely on my bucket list. In Finland there are resorts where you can stay in a glass igloo and can view the Northern Lights. How amazing is that. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps. And then there is Norway’s Lofoten Islands, which has the phenomenon of the midnight sun (where the sun does not set for several weeks during the summer). This is a photographers Dream. Basically, Golden Hour lasts all night. On the music festival front, definitely Boom & Ozora, and I am planning on ticking these 2 off my list in 2020.

4. The one person you have shot who has stood out the most and one person you’d love to shoot

Azlam: The person who I have photographed who has stood out the most would be Charissa Cooper. In fact she was the first model who I worked with and we have since done more photoshoots together and have another one lined up soon. She is a strong upcoming model and a serious competitor in the industry. She was also a top finalist in the Wonderbra Icon Search 2018. There is nobody in particular whom I would love to photograph, but if I did ever bump into Scarlett Johansson, I would make sure I get to take a selfie with her….or should I say, I will allow her to take a selfie with me.

5. Advice for dreamers, up n’ comers and people in any field trying to break into their platform

Azlam: Know what you want and go for it. Don’t ever think it is too late in your life to start something new or pursue a dream. Do not be afraid to fail at something. Rather fail, and learn and grow from it, than to wonder “what if”. Work hard to reach your goals. Hard work really does pay off. I am living proof of that. Make certain sacrifices. Don’t allow anything to prevent you from reaching your goals and dreams. Sometimes the only thing standing in your way are the limitations you set yourself. You may come across obstacles or hurdles along your journey, but overcoming them is what makes you stronger and wiser. Surround yourself by people who believe in you. THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT, YOUR MIND IS

The Visual


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