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We chat to laughter monarch Simon Orgill

Name: Simon Orgill

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Let’s talk intention in content… Let’s talk about Simon. Self-established meme maestro and comedic youth ambassador, Simon has grown with the people at his side. His larger than life presence online and habitual nature to touch on common-place nostalgia has seen him grow into a face for the lighter side of life with a strong message behind it all… We are all human and we all go through the same things from time to time. We trust that his efforts are with the motive of pleasing the masses and rightfully so as he comes with an arsenal of tricks to make you sit back and really reflect on all the things we are thankful for… Friends, Family, Love, Live and all-round good vibes. Take a moment and enjoy what he has to offer… We sure do!


1) Simon Orgill in three words
Simon: Weird, Random, Reg. 
2) How would you describe the brand and what you do?
Simon: Well my brand is just me and what I find funny and what I feel like doing at that moment. After Sep And Simon came to and end and while I continue to enjoy Coloured Poetry with Renshaw Dub Benjamin and the Talk Kak Show with Yaaseen Barnes and Kenwyn Davids. I felt that after going through the motions with multiple projects building up and amassing major followings, being MC’s, dancing live and singing live that I just wanted to do something for me, to satisfy and look after myself and nobody else, just to have fun, put things out into the universe and not for shares or likes, if that was a by product then so be it. I just wanted to have fun and do things I wanted to do. Which is where DJ Clive came in, as well as where my recent videos come from which are very normal experiences, which myself and many coloreds have gone through. For instance “Kak Uncles Wys” was such a fun thing to do, as well as my homie Dj Clive who delves into some of the most Iconic but less popular “Old School Nommers” while he “suips a dop” and “roeks a entjie”. 
Simon: And it doesn’t only stop there though, on my Twitter I post memes so often and I just have fun with everything from GoT to editing my own videos edits.

Simon: As well as my first book which is a Kids Adult Book, but PG 18 L mind you, So be prepared. Here is the link to that: Devron The Dinosaur.  My new book will also be coming out soon! So kak amped for that! 
3) One of your dream content collaborations?
Simon: To be honest, I know this is impossible, but if I could it would be John Cleese, Bill Murray or Mel Brooks. Locally I have worked with so many amazing people from Loyiso Gola to Carl Weber to Stuart Taylor. I am truly thankful for everything that comedy has been able to give me. It still remains a hobby as I have to pay the bills and work a normal job, but hey here’s hoping.
4) What can we expect in the weeks to come?
Simon: In weeks to come there will definitely be a lot of The Talk Kak Show on the horizon as well as more DJ Clive and then I am working on short skits as well. I really am excited for the new book too, it’s been a long time in the making. 
5) Advise for the dreamers, creators and individuals trying to hone their craft?
Simon: What you have to remember is that this Content Creator space is really tough, it can change who you are and how you think and you have to be very weary of that. You have to also want to do things for you and not for reasons of fame or money, if that is your goal then I cannot help you, I am all about passion and making sure that you satisfy that, that is inside you. Also remember that you need to things for yourself first and foremost don’t be rushed by anyone don’t make content to satisfy anyone else, if you do start doing that you will fall out of love with what it is you are doing because it will end up being job like, and that is never the goal, always stay true to that first inkling of wanting to use your talents to provide laughter and just express yourself whether that is written word, song, dance or acting and if you like them all, then do them all and don’t listen to anybody and enjoy this one life you have, but do it for the right reasons. <3


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