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We chat with Media Worx very own: Allen Van

Name: Allen van Vuuren

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The Spoken Word

The barefoot, outdoor-forward mountaineer which we have come to love and cherish is actually a Jozi export and I can tell you we are not giving him back. A king with a camera in hand, his presence is where the memories flood in from, not the ones captured, but can assure you that his quality is of the highest caliber. A dj-hobbyist, he is sound… motion… color… personified and we look forward to see what he puts his finger on next… it will surely turn to MAGIK. 

The Scoop 

1) Three Words To Describe Yourself

Allen: Curious, Mysterious and Tenacious.

2) Your biggest inspiration?

Allen: Nature, life, energy, color, motion and the tenacity of it all. From a tiny little spec to the vast galaxies. It all keeps going no matter what. 

3) Dream scenario, setting, place to shoot?

Allen: I would love to shoot nature, wild life and short films. I have always loved animals and nature. The primal instincts of animals fascinate me. In turn i learn much about myself through observing animals and life. In the end i want to be able to document  and tell the stories of life as well as the imagination.

Allen: It is quite difficult for me to pick a specific place as we live in South Africa. Our country is so beautiful and i have yet to scratch the surface of how many places i could shoot here. To even have the opportunity to travel and shoot wild life in South Africa would be a dream come true. 

4) The one person you have shot who has stood out the most and one person you’d love to shoot?

Allen: Over the last two years i have pretty much shot or worked with almost every top producer/ DJ there is in the Psytrance scene in the Western Cape. The artists down here are seriously some of the best in the world. I am still blown away almost every weekend. There would be a bit of list if i named them all so i am just going to pick one.

Allen: Kieron Grieve a.k.a Rubix Qube, one of the most humble, kind and intelligent human beings i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have seen him show his colors on many occasion. One that stands out the most is the one night i got ditched at the event i was working in town(my lift went awol and i didn’t have a car at the time). So i think what am i going to do as i start heading back to the club after searching for my lift. I get to the door and Kieron is chatting with some people outside(luckily he played that night). As i tell him what has just happened without hesitation he said just come with me, I have an uber on the way, you can get a lift home tomorrow or something. Ended up chatting and jamming music until early hours of the morning. Felt so lucky to get a little bit of a tour through his archives of music/production. 

Allen: Not sure who i would love to shoot, Anyone with lots of money and or is famous, so i can get lots of money/ stop working so hard haha. On the real though, i am not much of a planner. I tend to trust my instincts and go where my passion takes me. I had no idea this was even what i really wanted to do until i was in too deep and in love with it. Funny enough i did an aptitude test in high school, the first three jobs on the list was a cinematographer, photographer and a directer. Back then i thought that was a joke. 

5) Advice for dreamers, up n’ comers and people in any field trying to break into their platform?

Allen: Learn some survival skills so if all else fails you can go live in the bush 😀 

Allen: Try as much as you can, even if you fail, as long as you keep an open mind and keep learning. You will improve. Money is important as a tool, it isn’t everything. Aim high to get better gear and grow. Remember to still use what you have and objects aren’t everything. Up until 3 months ago i was doing everything on a Canon 700D. Work smart, hard and be dedicated to what you do. If you don’t really want to do something then focus on what you do want to do, often that is where your niche or talent will lie. Be aware of opportunities and practice taking them where you can. In essence take risks even if you are afraid. It only matters what you think at the end of the day and you have to live with it. After a while you won’t even be bothered if you make a mistake cause your skills you have gained will more than make up for it. It is all part of being human anyway. 

The Visual

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