In Black & White Artist Exclusive – JASON HAVOC

We talk 420 and music with Jason Havoc


NAME: Jason Hendricks

i420 LINK: Here


Jason Havoc… A nickname only by the basis of a nickname but given to one of the most humble individuals we have come across. An influence to the masses with 420 Sundaze, he has found a way, with his trusted partners at i420, to unite music and cannabis even closer than it already is. A shared enthusiast of the promotion of its legalization, his gathering give people a save haven to find solace in their surroundings and ultimately have an opportunity to enjoy some really good music as well. The movement needs us all and everyone is welcome to the atmosphere… This steam-punk, hip-chic individual will be there to welcome you!


1) Jason Havoc in 3 words

Jason: Entrepreneur, Cannabis Enthusiast, Loud

2) Talk us through the origination of i420?

Jason: i420cpt started towards the end of 2015, when myself and a few of my closest friends got together in the evening for our smoke sessions and were brainstorming new business ideas. This is around the time we had first started hearing about Dabs and different sorts of cannabis concentrates online, so we went on a mission to source our first syringe of cannabis oil and a glass Dab rig to get the Dabbing. This fascinated us, by closely observing cannabis news and trends across the world, we decided we want in. This was roughly the origin of i420cpt.

Jason: A local cannabis culture lifestyle brand, from selling smoking paraphernalia to extraction equipment, branded apparel, and events.

3) How has the response from the music community been with regards to 420 Sundaze? How do you feel the culture fits in with Music?

Jason: Music and cannabis has always gone hand in hand. Some of the earliest references of them going together are the Jazz musicians in the 1920’s like Louis Armstrong, who used it throughout his career, including before performances and recordings. And of course later in the 1960’s when reggae was developed, the Rasta culture brought more global light to the connection/synergy of cannabis and music.

Jason: The universal feeling is that cannabis can help you connect and be more in tuned with the emotions it was intended to evoke.

Jason: The response from the local music industry has been great. We provide a consistent monthly platform for people to showcase their passion and love for music. While also creating a positive ambiance for patrons to interact with one another and later to up the tempo so that those who want to get their groove on can.

4) Tell us more about 420 Sundaze and the gatherings?

Jason: 420 Sundaze is an extension of i420cpt. It’s our monthly event held the first Sunday of each month at Trenchtown in Observatory. We were given an opportunity to host events at this well-known venue, and jumped at the chance to spark up the Cape Town cannabis culture. We held our first event 6th Nov 2016 and have been going strong ever since.

Jason: This is a space where like-minded cannabis enthusiasts can get together and celebrate our 420 Culture. Our pop-up i420cpt store allows our customers to engage with our team and enjoy their purchases at our event. We host some of the best Dj’s Cape Town has to offer with some amazing live acts. It’s great to be able to provide a platform to expose some local undiscovered talent. I’m amazed daily at the new talent I come across and the need to provide more platforms to support them.

5) Advice for the dreamers and youth trying to break into their scene and establish themselves?

Jason: Advice for the dreamers is to never give up. Always remember what you put in is what you will get out. It’s always in the beginning that you need to believe in yourself 150% before anybody else will. And finally consistency is crucial. When you love what you are doing, you always make a way.


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