In Black & White Artist Feature – GRAYSCAL3

We chat to the duo filling the void in Jozi: GrayScal3

Name: Josh Dalgleish & Vinny Victor

Facebook: Here 
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

When light erupts from imagination we find ourselves wondering how we lived… Survived… Loved without it and end up coming to the consensus that something will always take its place. GrayScal3 is the brainchild of happiness and collaboration which sings of friendship, struggle and ultimatum. Where hard work came to grow and the trust of two friends begin to blossom. There is a world bright and full of opportunity… GrayScal3 are the newest movement to take us on this ride. 

The Scoop 

1) Where did GrayScal3 originate from?

Josh & Vinny: We thought about the spelling… Gray which stems from the word gray matter (Which is found in the human body) involves our sensory perceptions like our hearing memory and emotions, “our senses” and scales which represents balance… Together forming a balance of the senses ?

2) How did the duo come about?

Josh & Vinny: We had ideas of collaboration from the very beginning but we thought we’d hold off until we establish ourselves in the Jozi scene. We juggled with ideas and came up with a couple of cool concepts but nothing that stuck. 2018 we found ourselves playing quite a few vs sets which solidified the idea of creating a duo project. We then started working on our 1st release which will be coming out on Psyology Records in Feb. We got it done for revolution a couple of weeks back where we tested it and had a pretty rad response.

3) How is it different from Kaoss Kontrol and Jahmanji?

Josh & Vinny: We do have similar styles. Kaoss Kontrol is a bridge between progressive and full on suited for the transitional stages of the festival taking it from 140 – 142 bpm and Jahmanji also suited for the transitional stages where night time full on transitions back into daytime full on with a progressive twist ranging from 143 – 146, so we both have a love for the night time sounds and we thought this is a great opportunity to offer what we would like to hear on a night time dance floor, Hard hitting bass with in your face psychedelics…not the conventional stuff… Bpm ranges from 143 – 148 bpm.

4) Any tips or advice for the dreamers, newbies and up n comers?

Josh & Vinny: Produce Produce Produce!!! We are living in times where DJing has become almost a “norm” in most teenage circles and to set yourself apart you need to express and showcase your own ideas and contribute your own style to the genre making it better as a whole. Our advice is to get going on the production side as soon as possible whilst building your musical knowledge through mixing music and sticking with it, cause it can get tough. Also be patient… A little bit of patience goes a very long way.

5) What can we expect in the weeks to come?

Josh & Vinny: Well obviously we are giving everyone an exclusive mix today ? and we are working on some sets here in Jozi: Truth nightclub season opener confirmed and the return of one of Jozis best festivals – (CRATER) Josh & Vinny: Our remix of Deliriant’s Truth Be Told which will release sometime in Feb on Psyology Records ? 

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