In Black & White Artist Exclusive – ALLY FRIEDMANN

We chat to chic-hip nomad and photographer of note Ally Friedmann


Name: Ally Friedmann

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The Spoken Word

Stuck in time in the most positive way possible, we search the realms for a palate of dynamic proportions and come back with Ally. The other half of the “Gypsy Trips” duo and all-around chic-hip individual, the multi-talented Ally has delved into a very unique style with her photography and has tested out some really amazing ideas which have brought upon some rather epic results. SA-export, she is plying her trade in Germany at this very moment and hope to see her return with a few new tricks up her sleeve. We urge to watch out for her, she will be home very soon and will be bringing her experiences to our shores.

The Scoop

1) Three words to describe yourself

Ally: Ambitious, Versatile, Dreamer.

2) Your biggest inspiration

Ally: I wouldn’t say I have one person who has been the biggest inspiration, but I have a few such as painter Mark Ryden, graphic designer Storm Thorgerson and photographers David LaChapelle and Bella Kotak, who have all inspired me.

3) Dream scenario, setting, place to shoot

Ally: Makeup – I would say my dream was to work on either the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit or Harry Potter. But as these have already happened, my dream would be to be the head artist and have one of my own shops (team) be the lead on the fantasy, sci-fi and adventure movies. 

Ally: Photography – Shooting Haute Couture for the top designers in enchanting locations around the world as well as shooting my fantasy fine art work in the most magical scenes. If I had to choose a specific location, I would probably say within one of the castles around Germany or the UK, but if you want more specifically, King Ludwig’s hunting lodge. It is as if you stepped into a time machine.

4) The one person you have shot who has stood out the most and one person you’d love to shoot

Ally: My friend Nicky Connolly was the first professional model I ever shot. The relationship and the comfort she had with the camera was something I had not experienced before. It was pure magic, she made it look so easy, every shot was perfect. There was no work, I had the shot I was looking for within the first few minutes so the rest was playful creativity between us. 

5) Advice for dreamers, up n’ comers and people in any field trying to break into their platform

Ally: Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. You never want to regret loosing an opportunity by being afraid to try something new or something you are not pro at yet. These little doors often lead to bigger things but we tend to miss them by being afraid. Remember fake it till you make it. You will surprise yourself more often than not. It’s like the saying “Change is as good as a holiday”. Believe me, this is a lot easier said than done. But most importantly, never stop believing in yourself!! 

The Visual

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