Impossible – a new social network based on kindness and giving

I thought that it would be nice to start the week off with some news about a social network with a bit of difference. Impossible is a brand new social network like Facebook or Google Plus, excepting for the fact that it was built around the concept of people doing simple favors for one another.

It is still very early days for the site (currently in beta) and for now only lets users select from a series of small tasks that they need to have done or would like to do for others. Tasks can range from “I wish to find someone who needs help looking after an animal” to “I wish to help someone lose weight and get fit” along with other acts of business, learning and home care.

The team behind the network describes their mission on the site like this:

Imagine if kindness was currency. Impossible is a social giving network based on cooperation, not competition; abundance, not scarcity; and offering opportunities to help everyone help each other.

So right in line with beliefs held about a future where social networks and life are more about collaboration than “look at me” competition. Check out the video about the network from Lily Cole and Jimmy Wales and then pop over to Impossible to submit your wish 🙂

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