I’m a squirrel! Halls TV ad makes everyone giggle

The other night after having some “devil’s lettuce” with my dinner, I decided that it would be fitting to sit on the couch and watch some tv- hopefully not moving for at least 3 hours. Thankfully my laziness was awarded when I saw a tv ad that quite simply had me in stitches.

Created in collaboration with Ogilvy Cape Town, the commercial kicks off with shots of a crowded football stadium as the squirrel mascot emerges from the tunnel – only to be introduced as a rat. Super bleak that they’ve got it wrong he attempts to explain the fact that he is actually a squirrel, but no one hears. My best bit in the ad has to be when a group of guys cruise past the squirrel and wys him- “aweh rat”… I was in tears!!! He eventually get’s given some Hall’s throat sweeties which unleash his voice shouting out- “I’M A SQUIRRREEEELL!!” allowing everyone to come to the realisation that he is infact a squirrel and not a rat.

Apparently the ad is quite old now, but it was the first time that I had seen it and thought I just HAD to share 🙂

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