I’m a blogger & I’m famous

Don’t you know who I am? I’m Ricky Bynight and I’m a fucking famous blogger.

-would be the way I would start conversations with people if I believed that for one second this statement would have any positive effects on their lives. I’ve wanted to tackle this subject for a while now and I think the recent customer service debacle involving a certain self appointed favourite child has made such a post all the more relevant.

There are more bloggers in South Africa now then there gays living in De Waterkant. Literally every single person who can half string a sentence together or post pretty pictures with captions neatly attached on a web page is publishing content for the world to consume. This is fantastic for the fact that people are able to contribute to shared knowledge that is openly available for the globe to interact with. The downside to it is that certain people who have been able enjoy the successes of playing in the digital world and establishing a discernable brand believe that the real world now owes them something.

In days gone past a critic like Barry Ronge struck fear into the hearts of movie makers and event organizers not only due to his resemblance to a hungry grizzly bear but also because of his reach and following. On the best of days he would compare an event or happening to inhaling cold soup through your nose- opinions that were shared amongst the many newspaper and magazine readers out there making the people being critiqued very nervous. Now every spastic that can write a full sentence (sometimes this doesn’t even happen) has a potential audience of millions- note the use of the world POTENTIAL. Just because you have reached a couple of hundred or even a few thousand followers or Facebook or Twitter for your blog does not mean you get to hang the threat of some bad exposure online to get what you want.

It’s these abusers of the system (anti-bloggers if you will) who cause a great deal of eye-rolling that I receive when I introduce myself mentioning the fact that I run a blog with 2 other normal guys. People think we literally go around to places asking to do reviews in exchange for getting comped- and should the service or experience be less than emotional we’d follow it up with a terrible review. Really. Why would anyone care?

Sure in the past MCBN has said a bunch of things that have made people really angry- we’ve even had death threats on a number of occassions from a good few club owners and promoters. Why you ask? Well because we’ve thought things could have been run/done better, hoping that by sharing this info with you, you would be able to make an informed decision about how you feel about the situation. Not once have we ever had a “do you know who I am” attitude and I think that this forms a large part of the reason why everyone keeps on coming back to the site.

Even if I did work at THE biggest internet marketing company in the world and had an amazing, quirky blog I really shouldn’t expect anyone to quiver as I walk by them. If I don’t have a theme song that’s played WHENEVER I enter a room or have people recognize me in the streets, coming up to me asking for photos to send to their love-struck daughters at home, then it’s very likely that no one really cares what I have to say.

Sure it’s important to point out service that is less than standard- if no one does that, things will never improve. However before you shout out from your soap box, just remember that it is JUST that- a soap box- where you can look like major douche, that’s up your own arse, just as easily as being perceived as a martyr. I just feel like someone needs to speak up and get everyone to stop taking themselves so damn seriously.

In the mean time… I think I’m in the mood for some Samurai Rolls (too soon?)

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  1. I like and I’m a blogger, so that’s pretty awesome for you. Congrats, just let me know when I’ll be getting my free stuff.

  2. Can someone share a link to that Beluga Blogger story? Keen for another laugh. Cheers

  3. Eloquently put. It’s almost the difference between saying ‘I have a blog’ and ‘I am a blogger’. One’s a past-time, one’s an identity.

    I thought it was interesting how much debate the blog post in question stirred up though.

  4. Well said! When did blogging become so high school? Some bloggers seem to be living in a world where they are sitting at the cool kids table.

  5. Hello Ricky,

    Apologies for my delayed reply. I couldn’t initially see your blog post, amid all the clutter of how important I am.

    All kidding aside though, the initial email sent by my GF has been discussed to death now, and I’ve readily acknowledged that it was badly articulated and a little misguided. So I’m not going to get into that again. The gist of it all is that it was meant to convey that the experience we had was unpleasant and he should look to address it in future. His response was over the top, and this merited that it be put out in the open and discussed publicly.

    Sure, I’ve taken some flack for this, and I will gladly take it on the chin, but judging by the subsequent stories which have emerged – of bad attitude and shitty service experienced by other Beluga patrons – there does seem to be a problem there and so I’m glad I spoke up about it. So just as you’ve gotten on your soapbox to take a dig at me, it was well within my right to get on my soapbox and speak my mind.

    If people discuss it further than great. If not, then life goes on. As you say, it’s just a soapbox. But it’s my one.

    Shaun Oakes

    PS: I’ve sent you 3 autographs in the post. Because I’m famous. And cool that way.

    1. Hi Shaun!

      First off, thanks for taking some time out to get to us- I know how difficult it is when you’ve got shoots & interviews keeping you busy all day.

      As I mentioned in the piece I think it’s good that you & other peeps make a note of exposing questionable service levels- if nobody did things would never change. The point I was really trying to make was that I’m tired of people who have blogs using them as leverage to “strike fear” into the hearts of club/restaurant owners etc.

      I really wouldn’t have made a fuss about it had The Girlfriend not gone on a “do you know who I am” rant in the mails to Oscar. But big up to for posting the full unedited conversation- I don’t know many people that would set themselves up for that kind of flack.

      If I do see you out, I’m still going to buy you a drink. Even if that drink isn’t at Beluga.

  6. What? You mean we are meant to pay for stuff? What the fuck?!

    I agree with what Robyn says about I have a blog compared to I’m a blogger. I have a blog. Until someone says “I’ve been reading your little blog”. Little? Then I’m gonna open a can of whoop ass on them

  7. Well Said Kenny, an awesome read! Hahaha but dude, i care what you have to say, AND i think you’re famous, so don’t beat yourself up too much 🙂

  8. Jeepers, this really kept me entertained for the last hour!

    As always Ricky… brilliant read!

  9. As someone who spends a little time on the interwebs I feel I should weigh in here.

    Everyone seems to be missing the point. Beluga is a god awful restaurant with shoddy service and worse food. Their drinks are good, but then so are the ones I make whilst ‘being a blogger’ from the comfort of my own home.

    Now, while I’m not taking sides here, I feel it important to point out that, regardless of the tacky email, Shaun has been around longer than most of us have been on the internet, his soap box, as you and he put it, is just that, his.

    This could, of course, deteriorate into a mud slinging match further shoving us ‘bloggers’ into those social corners reserved for door-to-door salesmen and insurance company cold callers, so without pointing too many fingers about soap boxes and blogs being used to voice opinions, credible or not, I do feel I should point out the following:

    If this post is all about this…

    “I’m tired of people who have blogs using them as leverage to “strike fear” into the hearts of club/restaurant owners etc.”

    then why do I see tweets like this…

    MyCityByNight MyCityByNight.co.za
    Heather Willis at #Seeff … I’m coming to destroy u. Best u change careers love, cos u not going to be getting sales when i’m done with u!

    There will always be shit service, and there will always be bloggers. If we start pointing fingers for serving up sensationalism we may as well up end them and sit on them.


    1. But that quote was a tweet, he didn’t write a blog post about it (as far as I know)

    2. To be fair, there are 3 of us and we often dont agree with each other. In this case, Ricky felt he needed to get something off his chest.

      Thats why we let Ricky have his views about this 🙂

      The tweet quote you put in here is a bit out of context though as Ricky wrote this, not me. The tweeting from MCBN is me, as you know.
      Which again, is 1 of 3 and not Kreg and Rick’s view and they may not care or agree, and I did not do it to strike fear, I was just frustrated, and pissed off due to the way I was being dealt with considering that were asking for one shit load of my hard earned money!

      I still hate Seeff, alot though! 😀

      I wouldn’t have written anything to put fear into them either, if anything I would’ve done it to let people know how god awful they are in their ‘tactics’. After all, it’s not a couple of rands of sushi, it’s a whole lot more money and other things at stake.

      That said, I do agree with Shaun (awesome name – yes I am biased), Beluga is a poofy pit and is a little above itself in attitude.
      Thats my view and I am me and though t that the post Shaun wrote was funny. Ricky had a different view though, and I cant stop him writing something on what is 1 third his blog.

      To sum it all up though, striking fear, soap boxes etc, are only anything if someone is actually seen as ‘influential’ and seen as been able to damage or help for that matter, and on that basis alone, do you think Beluga or anyone gives that much of a toss what any ‘blogger’ says, because I am yet to find anyone that is actually influential, in the true sense in the lifestyle type genre (not talking tech or trends or something) in SA.

      Now then, we we all hitting Beluga’s for a couple of drinks? (The sushi is rather kak, lets be honest). The we can hit Seeff for a few contracts and deed of sales!

  10. Are we all still talking about this? This annoying Shaun oke (see what I did there) is just looking for attention, can we all stop giving it to him?

  11. I once greeted Dan Nash, and he looked up from his phone and just looked at me, as if I was just another ordinary beggar on the streets of South Africa. I have never fully recovered but I do like the rest of you.

  12. As Shaun’s post is sitting at #4 on Google.za right now for ‘Beluga Cape Town’, I think we should ALL do threatening posts about them instead of getting up in arms about soapboxes.

    Maybe it wasn’t worded as it should have been, but I think that was the very point The Girlfriend was trying to make. You don’t even need a gazillion followers to hit shitty restaurants or businesses where it hurts, you just need a very basic understanding of SEO.

  13. Oh my word. why, do i never find blogs like this earlier? lol, i blog, a lot, not to complain (i think i can outdo @Anatinus on a good day) but to free-write (or express what the crumping elf in my uterus wants to say).

    hats off for preaching, the internet is just one big ball of hate, nice to see a blog thats a little funnier.

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