Ignite Fitness Sunday Beach Arena Workout

Last Sunday I challenged myself to wake up early on a Sunday morning and hit Camps Bay beach for a solid training session with the Ignite Fitness crew. It took place and takes place every Sunday between 9 – 10am on the beach in front of Caprice and Grand Café, Camps Bay. The Sunday sessions are free to anyone, members and non members, alike and it’s a great place to meet up with friends early on a Sunday, if you weren’t jolling the night before. Caprice and the Grand are fantastic places for tequila’s afterwards. Trust me.

Sundays will never be the same again!

On 09 November they hosted their first Ignite Fitness Beach Arena Workout. Every Sunday throughout summer, you can find them in the same spot. Everyone is welcome, so come on down and experience the next level in outdoor exercise training, this and every Sunday of Summer with the Ignite Fitness team. JUST A REMINDER FOR ANY MEMBERS: During Summer, the Club will be closed on Sundays and we’ll be hosting our workouts on Camps Bay Beach.

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