iFix HOUDT Competition – Yes, You Want This!

I got this magical keyboard for my birthday last week from the guys at iFix. They sent it over and said they thought I might like this! They said I MIGHT like it? Boy were they wrong, I am absolutely in love with it, I stare at it every day with large amounts of love.

This immediately got me thinking of you guys… You know I always have you in mind. So I tried my best to organise one of these for give away and the legends from iFix hooked us up.


Houdt 5_5s Engraved_Walnut Houdt S4 Wallnut Black


We’re keeping it simple… Here’s what you need to do ๐Ÿ™‚

1.) We need you to tell us the following in the comment section below:


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Winners announced on the 5th of June!

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  1. Technically I can’t really claim to like iFix as I have never had to use them to fix my iPhone. What I can say is that it gives me great piece of mind to know they are there for me, should my iPhone encounter any problems.

    I already own a pair of wood sunglasses, so the natural next-step in my pursuit to become a full blown hipster is to have a matching iPhone case.

    On a more serious note, I have had my eye on those wooden iPhone cases for months and would really fucking love to own one. Make it happen, MCBN, please. *insert puppy eyes here*

  2. I love iFix because they are the best, sleekest looking Apple repair store in CPT by far, I wouldn’t take my Macbook anywhere else.
    I need this because even Superman needs to make calls ๐Ÿ˜› lol

  3. Why I Like iFix: They offer a good service at reasonable rates, they are convenient and most importantly they are involved in this fanfuckingtastic competition and “hopefully” making a wooden keyboard a reality for me!

    Why I deserve these products: For the love of puppies please give this too me! If anything I deserve this because I look at that sparkling unicorn of a keyboard and an instant need grows inside of me to have it, to feel those fancy fucking wooden keys under my fingertips and to know that every time someone sees me using it, they think that they may as well give up now, they will never be as hipster as this beautiful wooden keyboard of awesomeness!
    Also if you have a wooden keyboard you HAVE to have a matching wooden iphone case or the whole look is just ruined. I am going to go visualize winning this prize now “be the ball, and throw yourself”.

    P.S your link to iFix on twitter is wrong, it relinks to Facebook.

  4. Well..as far as i’m concerned, ever since i have been buying mac products, there has been no other store to take it to in the event of a iFix, but more importantly service is tops…but lets be honest..i’m here for that key board..i use a mac usb powered external keyboard…and the “x” key is poked…do u know how kuk and irritating its when each i wanna reply to my girlfriends msg’s with and “x”…its just becomes painful….and which means i dont enjoy getting msg’s from my GF…thus putting strain on the relationship…help a brother out…send me that keyboard so i can life happily ever after…

  5. iFix gives me an alternative to dealing with the shitty iStore. Bunch’a dicks they are. Also, their identity is designed by the awesome Hanno van Zyl. So that’s a plus.

  6. Well, i posted my pathetic keyboard on your facebook page. I am a coder, a developer of effing note! It’s clear how hard i work, in a matter of months the print started disappearing off of my keyboard. I have 9 keys completely missing and 8 keys 90-99% on their way to nothingness. I deserve this, I’m 27, a mom, wife and developer, how many chicks can say that?! Badass coder-mom-wife-chick for the win

    1. Oh and iFix is the beez knees man, anyone who’s worth being alive knows this! My mom had her iphone repaired at iFix last year and ever since we’ve both recommended to anyone and everyone we know who has one, weather or not it needs repairing

    2. GIVE IT TO HER. anyone with a child and a coding job should win instantaneously.

  7. Why I love iFix…Well here’s where I start my story on all that is beautiful in this world, There simply designed shops all over the western Cape and abroad, makes it easy to spot ๐Ÿ™‚ for example when I went to visit my girlfriend this past weekend in Stellenbosch. Saw you guys have a shop open there now, and straight away told my girlfriend that’s where she should get her phone fixed. Then the quality of service you guys give, since back in the day when I brought my old iPod classic in and my uncles which had water damage to your old Cape Town Store where I dropped it off at that old Vinyl record shop ๐Ÿ™‚ and within a day knew how much it would cost to repair and how long it would take. its no wonder your company has grown so fast over the years! Wish my Samsung Galaxy s2 screen wasn’t soo expensive to repair, if I had the money I’d definitely send it in to you guys as you had really competitive pricing ๐Ÿ™‚ now if that’s not enough to go by as to why I love iFix. It has all the ticks as to why everyone should shop and get service from you guys. Now…Why I deserve the prize, I can’t really give you a more truthful answer then simply because that keyboard looks as sick as my grandfathers rocking chair and that those phone covers are as elegant as the princess of Denmark! both of which I wouldn’t mind having ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. As someone who is a Third year Business Science Information systems student at UCT, technology has become a pretty big part of my life! And iFix have always been there to sort me out when I’ve had any issues with my macbook or S4. Now for my 3rd year Information systems full year project I have to basically build a facebook from scratch! Yes that’s right, I have go Zuckerberg on this bitch! So having a wooden keyboard to code on infront of all my fellow class mates would be pretty badass! not to mention make me a little less depressed from not being able to CrotchCam at anymore events or festivals this year thanks to this project.

  9. 3 days before my wedding in March, my iPhone screen cracked. I went into full-blown panic, thinking back to the last time something went wrong with my phone and it took a week or more to get fixed, with it being sent away for repairs! I thought I wouldn’t have my phone for honeymoon and wouldn’t be able to capture our amazing memories! iFix came to the rescue and fixed it within 2 and a half hours! No hassle, no fuss. Such a pleasure taking my phone into them and great service! I deserve this product because as much as I really love iFix, I don’t want my screen cracking again ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. IFix always has great friendly service, the staff are knowledgable, helpful and eager to help. Awesome stores with wicked products and accessories. Quick turnaround and no fuss booking process makes it a pleasure to use their services. … Why I would really like the keyboard… Simply it’s a piece of art! Would be awesome to win.

  11. I have never heard of iFix but boy do i know them now! a Company who envolves themselves like this in the community by hosting great give aways like this are companies that go far!

    I always had a intrest in Computer accessories antiques and YES i would love to have this wooden keyboard!!! I mean i can picture it, in about 100 years time it will be framed up in my grand children’s house saying that the Great Ighsaan used it :D… Please Give for me :<

  12. iLove iFix because they are giving away great prizes and they fix our valuable electronic friends to be good as new.
    I would like to win the iPhone 5 cover to replace my cracked cover from a Smash&Grab where the bad guy luckily didn’t get away with my phone – not without a fight.
    The keyboard will be the biggest bonus ever and an excuse to show off everywhere.
    The Samsung S4 cover I will give to someone to share the Love!

  13. iFix is the biz and i have a shitty China City cover on my iPhone….. nuff said.

  14. I lurve Ifix as I am a clumsy fool and am forever dropping my iPhone on unforgiving surfaces. They offer quick service, and a lovely environment..
    Please give me these two accessories so I too can stare at my beautiful wooden gifts with love in my heart.

    Thanks in advance

  15. I’ve never needed to use iFix’s services yet, but the only way I have heard of them is via friends who have, and who have raved about their service. So it’s good to know if there are any issues, they’ve got me covered. And now I know there’s more to them than just repairs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Hey guys!

    Gosh all I have wanted is one of these awesome keyboards for ages now. As a social media manager, the keyboard will work wonders with my iPad! Oh an I love iFix because they have helped me with my iPhone and Mac Book when they had problems. Both times their service was quick, well done and with a smile! Best guys to help with my Apple products.

    Would reallllllyyyyy love the keyboard and iPhone case as my phone is currently homeless (no cover on it) and it’s at risk of being scratched!

    That’s all from me (for now)! Have a great day!

  17. Im going to keep this simple and to the point… iFix “Sophistication and Customer Service Personified”

    Good Luck All. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. iFix are great service providers and they are super helpful! Well done on pairing up with Houdt as well… Awesome products!

    I believe I deserve these products because I am new to the Apple family. I now have an iPad Mini as well as an iPhone 5s and I would love to grow my collection (products as well as awesome Houdt accessories).

  19. I love iFix because they introduced Ufix and they’re not out to rob us of our money like other electronic and electronic repair stores! I love this: “We realised that our customers are
    quite handy and it felt unfair
    to charge them for something they
    could do on their own” – Alex Fourie,
    Founder,iFix. Incredible!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I deserve this prize because I’m a hardworking student who really wants that magical keyboard! Please please please! A student without a magical keyboard is a muggle, but a student with a magical keyboard is a WIZARD! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Make me a wizard please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I also want to stare at my HOUDT keyboard with large amounts of love…. counting the sleeps, sigh…

  21. Fixing apple anything is a super duper ginormous nightmare, exorbitant pricing that lasts for a few months…then iFIX swaggered in and boom cost effective, quality and reassurance…I cant go anywhere else but iFIX.

  22. The folks from iFix and Houdt have chosen a winner. Please check your email Ian Skene!

    Well done!

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