If you loved Jersey Shore, you’ll love MTV’s Buckwild (I think?)

Now that Jersey Shore has come to an end some of you may be wondering what you can watch to make yourselves feel a little bit better about life. Fret no more, MTV have jumped onto the newest craze of  “redneck reality” (think Here Comes Honey Boo Boo etc) with their brand new show called Buckwild.

The show kicked off in the US last night at 10pm with two half-hour episodes with more to follow over the next six weeks. Buckwild follows the lives of 9 twenty-somethings from the rather hicked-out West Virginia who enjoy wonderful outdoorsy activities like “mudding” and turning a dump truck into a pool for a crazy party with friends. Sure it’s not going to have the same bright lights of the Jersey Shore but come on, who doesn’t like laughing at a couple of Hill-Billies.

Watching shows like these gets thinking about the fact that it really is a complete miracle that Barack Obama has been elected for a second term- I can’t imagine that they would be voting for anyone other than Mitt or Sarah Palin (providing she can put the gun down for long enough).

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