If you asked a stranger for a 3Some how many would say yes?

asking for 3somes

You’ll remember that some time back we featured a similar social experiment from the people at Whatever where they sent a guy and girl to ask prospective strangers if they’d like to have sex. The same people are back with another social experiment that follows a similar line of thought, only this time getting an attractive couple to ask strangers whether they’d be keen on joining them for a threesome.

The guys vs girls reactions are pretty predictable (I don’t know of too many girls that would be keen on sharing their ladyflowers with strangers they’ve just met on the street in a 3some) and I hope that this is the last video like this from Whatever, because I really don’t know how much more random sexual stuff you could possibly ask strangers without being arrested for sexual harassment.

How would you react? Would you laugh it off? Or be all like – hot damn, it’s my lucky day?

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