Idols Week 4 – Update

Firstly, we would like to wish all our women readers a Happy Women’s Day for yesterday from the MCBN Crew.

Now, the important stuff… It’s your start of week Idols fix from the MyCityByNight Crew, brought to you the MyCityByNight way… Direct and ASAP!

As per previous week, we’ve sifted through the crap, to bring you the singers, the mooiness, the guyness and the special cases in between, so that you don’t have to and can enjoy the awesomeness of Idols in a short MCBN special! SO here it is in technicolor and dont forget that these and loads of other videoas are available on our YouTube channel. Just click here!


Following on from the Idols update No.1 in CT, Durban and Jozi, this week was the turn of Bloem and PE… A first for Bloem too!

The 2 guest judge were was Loyiso Bala and Hip Hop Pantsula aka HHP. There was no Gareth in PE so only 2 ‘yesses’ were needed. Gareth you were missed my man, as I’m sure there were a few that got through that might not have if 3 ‘yesses’ were needed.
So what would the new comers in Bloem have to offer… some clangers? Some talent? Both? Neither?
Well just take a look below and you shall see!

The guest judge in Bloem was Loyiso Bala.

Loyiso was BRILLIANT! My man, you deserve all you have got and you were at least helpful and constructive, even to the completely useless characters! Kudos and thanks for being a good judge!

Now to the talent of Bloem, or should I say lack of! What a joke! Is everyone related there or something? Seriously, how can so many people be so crap! I mean even the local radio station who I won’t give the pleasure of mentioning sent in an audition, no I mean actually sent in an audition, that is a guy dressed as the mascot of the station! WTF!
Anyway there was some light with the arrival of Bruce Springsteen fan (and who isn’t if they know and like music) that goes by the name of Pieter West. Pieter, you rocked my guy and good luck to you! Some other mentions go out to Funeke, Gail and Serame who all got through.

Followed swiftly by why I say is everyone related there… A goat! Ok freak show!

Now onto PE where the guest judge HHP. HHP, let me point out that you have, what you are in your name. Let me show you… Hip Hop PANTSula. You are the most useless, unconstructive, irritating childish, try hard I have ever seen or heard in my life, and I personally think your music is SHITE, and if I didn’t, I do now! WHAT A COMPLETE ASS! They would have been better off have 2 judges than this muppet there!

Now the talent, or again, lack there of! I wont dare say they all related in PE, but maybe some of the people from the Bloem auditions infected you guy because you were SHITE too! I watched 45 minutes of Idol trying my ass off not to turn it off (that my dedication to you MCBN’ers). A measly 12 of you went through and the edited all but 3 of those out! So well done to Sipokazi, Simon and no.12783 as well as the 9 of you! Simon Shaw, we chose you as our video as you have a sweet old Jack Johnson vibe going and we love Jacky J here at MCBN!

As for the clangers, well here is one, because you don’t have enough bandwidth for me to put them all up, including the crap that spewed from HHP’s mouth!
We choose you Zimkita. Why, because you look like you taking a shit for the first time in 3 weeks and it’s so painful you singing to try relieve the pain! I mean look at her in this video… OUCH!

We thought we would add this 3:15 minute video of the rest of the jokes in the 2 cities, so if you feeling down and have some time or even if you not down and have no time, we sugest watching these nutters! It makes you feel a whole lot better!

So based on this lot, our 3 choices so far being Elvis Blue, Adeline Mocke and Jaime Lee still look set for a good finish and in our opinion won’t get worried by even the people that went through in these 2 cities, barring Simon and Pieter.

Till next time you crazy little Idols Lovers, stay warm with that someone or no one special!

Remember that these and loads of other videoas are available on our YouTube channel. Just click here!

The MCBN Crew.

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