Idols Update – Fails and Mooiness

Here at MyCityByNight or the good old MCBN Network as we call it- we know that: deep down inside you are, like us, suckers for reality TV! We know you, again like us, will never admit that to anyone. So I have taken the liberty of giving you the updates you need but are too scared to ask for our and your world class lifestyle and dream living site!

So you know its that time of year again, when Gareth is all bastardly (ok thats always), Mara is all sweety this love that, ahhhh baby the rest of it and our dear friend Randall is, well rude and at the same time quite funny actually!

So, no need to feel like a wierdo on the idols site (althought you can obviously go there), we’re bringing it to you, along with all of our other sordidness and craziness on the MyCityByNigth Youtube channel! (Real caring folk arent we!)

So here its is, your IDOLS UPDATE NO.1:

Cape Town Auditions

Well what do we say here, they saved the best for last, in the ultimate mooiness of Adeline Mocke. CT also didnt fail all you girls by giving us the singing talent of Elvis Blue (eye candy for the mooiness that frequent MCBN, as we know you ladies love a guy that plays the Guitar!) Both of whom we hope to see alot of… We love you Elvis, but really hope to see LOADS of Adeline… and be honest, I know you’re reading this post right now, hoping to see more of her!

See if you can work out if she is singing… It took me awhile! In fact i actually turned the TV off with just my amp on to hear the sound, thats the only way i worked out that there was actually a song to go along with her “presence”! So here are our 2 CT favourites live from the MyCityByNight YouTube Channel…

Now role on the CT failure, though funny and worthy of his trophy last year, its still a failure…

Durban Auditions

Durban,  SA’s favourite resort destination…. Apparently…. was the scene of some HORRORS!!!!! Seriously, some of the clips, even we refused to put up on MCBN or the new YouTube channel!

The ones we did decide to put on though, require you to be sitting down and far away from anything breakable, because if you thought that the 2 winners at the end of last years show was a cock up, you are definately gonna wonder why the hell they even have Mara on the show!

Mara my sweet, my love, my angel, and all the other thing you call people…. YOU FAILED! EPICALLY!

Queue the clips…

Mara Mara Mara….. tut tut tut…. I’m sorry MAra Louw, but I really have to bring into question your music knowledge and ethics!
Yes- she may not have been as good as THE OTHER person in the room, which may not, on paper be against the rules, like the 2 NO’s rule, but she was still a TOP 30 and good! In fact better than some of the others that got through! You had even said that you wanted to see her go ALL THE WAY! Whats your skit sweet cheeks? Anyway, you gotta work that out, but I can tell you that you didn’t make too many friends on Sunday night, especially here on the MCBN network!

That all said and done, it was all made right in viewing world by this little legend who works for the department of health!

You gotta love that guy!

Lastly on the note from the guy above and for those of you that did watch idols, you just gotta agree with me here…..

Laters MCBN’ers!

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