Idols Season 8 Cape Town Auditions

On Saturday morning I popped down to the Idols SA season 8 Cape Town auditions to see what The Mother City had to offer. On arriving I was completely blown away by the sheer amount of hopefuls that filled up The Grand Arena.

There were literally thousands of people that believed they had what it takes to be the next SA Idol and from what I had managed to hear while I was there, most of them actually had a shot. By the same account, there were also tons and tons of peeps that were absolutely shocking.

Season 8 of Idols SA looks like it’s going to be an incredibly entertaining journey for all of us watching- and judging from what I saw I reckon this year the winner could be another Cape Tonian. Over the next couple of weeks, Idols auditions will be taking place across the country to formulate the top selection of talent that will have the opportunity to be assessed by this year’s judges. Those that make it through from the judging sessions in each of the cities will then get a golden ticket to Sun City, where we will get to see them battle it out over several weeks.

I cant wait to get all judgmental…


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  1. I’m not a FAN of music competitions music is a very personal listening skill I don’t think it should be a competition

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