Idols SA Season 8 (top 9)

I have not said much about Idols SA this year because it honestly feels like all everyone ever does is talk about how shit it is and I have no desire to add my name to the list of trolls out there. However, after watching this week’s performance show, I really don’t think that I can keep quiet.

In terms of a production the show has improved this season with the sets, production and behind the scenes logistics coming along in leaps and bounds. Apart from the occasional rather dodgy bit of decision making from the show producers (that whole dubbed girls and boys performance from a few weeks back in Soweto was atrocious), it has been the closest to the American version of all previous seasons. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the talent.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger divide in the talent between the guys and the girls than in SA Idols Season 8. The boys are all really lacking in talent with most of their votes coming from the girls and gays interested in taking them to the back for a little bit of a rogering. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a worse performance than the one that Dominic gave. It was lackluster and almost an insult to the singing talent that does exist in South Africa. It really didn’t inspire me to vote for anything other than a motion to have him never sing in public ever again. You’re probably quite a cool dude but I don’t think singing is the right thing for you.

The girls on the other hand have been bringing the heat at the business end of this competition. Apart from a shaky performance from Chloe those girls showed far more metal and desire to win. I’d love Melissa not to win (apart from Elvis Blue, the winner has never really gone on to do great things), but that might just have something to do with the fact that I think she’d be much better off doing her own thing outside of the Idols SA umbrella (and cos she’s a proper mooiness).

The voting results show follows tonight and we’ll know whether it’s Dom, Chloe or Khaya who goes home (I thought these 3 were the worst performers over the weekend). I’m really hoping that in the end one of the girls takes the title, restoring my faith in the South African public’s ability to decide on who they’d like to hear on the radio and see in local media (for good stuff, unlike Karen) going forward. Once this season wraps up and the next one inevitably opens up its auditions I really hope that we get a show that we can be proud of in terms of production, judges, hosting AND talent.

There. I said it. Not too troll-ish right?

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  1. I’ve been folioing SA Idols since the beginning and I thought last Sunday’s show was one of the worst top 9 performances i’ve seen over the past 8 seasons.

    1. There were definitely a couple of cringe-worthy moments… One can only hope that next week is better

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