Idols SA Finals tonight- Elvis Blue set to win

All those months ago when Idols SA started we caught up with a local lad called Elvis Blue and absolutely down to earth guy who we tipped to win the title of SA Idol in this years show. Elvis has remained that way and totally humble throughout the sudden fame that has come his way- ahem Locnville (too cool to reply to tweets these days hey? guess who has been removed from who MyCityByNight follows on Twitter).

We havent changed our views one bit since that first interview, we reckon- just like the listeners last night on Stacey Norman’s simulcasted KFM and Highveld Radio 10:00-01:00 weeknight show– that Elvis Blue is going to win this year’s Idols!!!

Ok we know that Lloyd has had a rather colourful past (he stole cars and stuff) and its great that he’s used his massive talent as a singer to get somewhere but we want our local Cape Town favourite to win!!! Elvis is a better singer and possibly one of the biggest humanitarians out there and really deserves to win based on consistency throughout the competition.

So you’ve got one more chance to make your vote count and get Elvis Blue that car- oh and all of that other awesome stuff that goes with the title of SA Idol…

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  1. Since the first time I saw Elvis, he crept under my skin, and I already then had a feeling that this is the beginning of something big for him!! So far so good!! Elvis is the better singer of the two, his words are so clear and pure, where I sometimes struggle to hear Llyods words. Elvis make us proud!!

    1. @Rene- couldnt agree more!!! Lets hope our boy wins it tonight!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! 🙂

    2. @Rene- agreed!!!! Lets hope our boy takes it tonight!! vote vote vote!!! 🙂

  2. I agree, Elvis is a true musician. He has not let his namesake down. Congratulations Elvis, always remain humble and remember the music, that is what it is all about.

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