Idols SA 7 down to the final 3

So… Idols SA Season 7 is down to the final 3 and the nation has waved goodbye to the rather jittery Freddie Van’Dango, who more resembled someone with advanced Parkinson’s disease whenever he got on stage. Described by most as being a little bit eccentric, the Jozi based musician received the least amount of votes from South African audience, leaving him to wonder what could have been as he tries to remember where he put his car keys.

Freddie delivered 2 individual performances as well as a duet with Dave van Vuuren on Sunday in front of guest judge Craig David. I had a chat to Stacey Norman about how the event went down (she was in attendance on Friday night when the episode was shot) and apart from hearing how hot Craig David was she also told me that she back Mark Haze as a winner based on what she had heard live. I suppose that if Freddie couldn’t go through even after getting a standing ovation from judge Randall Abrahams and the comment from Gareth Cliff  saying that he was “mesmerised” then the competition has clearly improved with the other kak singers gone.

The 3 peeps left are Crushanda Forbes, Mark Haze and Dave van Vuuren who all go on to compete in the Top 3 round which takes place at the Mosaïek Teatro in Fairlands, Johannesburg on Friday September 23. Like I’ve said before, I’ll watch with some real intent when it gets down to the final 2, just to see whether they give a final performance worth all of the fuss and to check that they don’t announce 2 winners… again. ha.

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  1. I know Mark Haze from school daze, and he is quite a cool dude. he has been pigeon holed in this comp to sing utter shit sometimes, but as a muso he isnt half bad. not that Im watching this kak. trance season is upon us 😀

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