As you know, here at MyCityByNight we are all about exposing talents and up and coming artists we like. Of late, we have done writes up on Das Kapital and one of my personal favourites, Illtastic. Now the other day, I came across another name and once I found their soundcloud I was quite blown away.

Get ready for Idioteque.

Idioteque is Patrick Whitaker and Jasper Meyer who are 18 year old DJ/Producers who have formed a “band”. At the moment, they have produced two tracks (see below) and have done a few mixtapes. They are currently looking to win a spot on the Brick City line up (as thats where most of the young up and comers are coming from these days – Good work Brick City) and I think you after you take a listen to some of their stuff, you’ll agree with me that they definitely deserve a spot.

Take a listen to these tracks, the production quality for me is top class and I am well impressed with these guys. To be producing tunes that well at such a young age makes me jealous and upset I never got off my arse and did something when I had the time.Keep your eyes out for them in the near future, I can see their name being on a few line ups in coming weeks/months:


Detonator by IDIOTEQUE

Up In Arms Mixtape by IDIOTEQUE

Okay, now that is my kinda sound… Some one give these guys some decks and a crowd to play too…

Oh yeah…

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  1. Well spotted guys! Was listening to those tracks the other day and was taken aback myself. Big up on promoting the huge talent base in CPT!! Hope to see them at the Brick City event.

  2. Yeah Jonny, also keen to see them drop some beats at Brick City, but I will work on something to get them a set somewhere, I need to hear a set by them! NEED TO!

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