ICYMI | Newsroom guest smokes Dagga on air!

Andre Du Plessis
Yesterday, Andre Du Plessis of the Cannabis Working Group was a guest speaker on the ever increasing #DaggaDebate, where he was seen lighting up and smoking what could be a joint. SABC were quick to jump to the actions of Andre saying they do not condone this sort of behaviour and what not but you can clearly hear the actions of the people in studio condoning AND LOVING it with clapping and cheering.

This happened just after a 15,000 strong dagga march in Cape Town on the 9th of May. Would you like to see Dagga legalisation in South Africa. Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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One Comment

  1. Yes please! Legalise dagga. It Will only boost the economy because the government can make a SHIT load of money although they might not be able to control who sells and who doesn’t but they would make a fortune from it. And besides dagga is a herd and has been legalised in the USA! If dagga was so bad like people say it is then why would a first world country like america legalise it?!?! Come on wake up!!! It’s been proven to cure a lot of illeness as well. I’m a smoker for over 10 years but never once did I perform a stupid activity to harm myself or those around me. Its helps me to relax and keep a chilled mind when shit is running wild.

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