Iconic Stars As Tattooed Hipsters

Iconic Stars Tattoo - MyCityByNight 16

Could you imagine if iconic stars were tattooed hipsters? Well you don’t need to anymore…

An artist by the name of Cheyenne Randall spends his spare time turning iconic celebrities both past and present into tattooed hipsters using some awesome Photoshop skills.

“I’ve always been interested in tattooing,” Randall said when speaking to the TODAY show. “I started out by drawing tattoos on certain personalities in magazines and wanted to step it up. I taught myself Photoshop and thus began a slight obsession with seeing out of pure curiosity what some of my favourite iconic personalities would look like perhaps if they were in a parallel universe or took another path in life. Really I just let my imagination run wild.”

You can see more of his stuff on Instagram, HERE.

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