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2018 seems to be bringing a lot of new things to our humble IBAW with a look into some really epic prospects and journeys. Though the pieces may be under the IBAW heading, it will primarily be a place holder for the concept of what we are trying to bring across… The story of people who inspired! This is a sub-thread to the “In Black & White” pieces known as the “Exclusive Series”. The first piece being on our nomad back home: John Vichos aka Prefix.

Name: John Vichos

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Soundcloud: Here


Familial yet so unique, Prefix has made a journey across to ocean to touch the hearts of those on hilltops and mountains with a journey spanning the course of the last two years with the experience bringing him home for 2018. A man of action and purpose he has made it his mission to provide society with enlightenment through music as he clearly pushes to express how dear the music he plays is to him. Prefix is his life as he puts it and this radiates throughout everything he does. We’ve had the opportunity to touch on a bit of the person behind the sound but can guarantee a more comprehensive feature to come. We can confirm an exclusive on his exploits across the shores and we urge you to look out for it.


1) What does Prefix as an entity mean to you?

Prefix: Prefix is a medium, and currently the project is between musicians and listeners/dance floors. I hope to one day complete some music of my own and also include that in my sets. Prefix is my life, this is what means the most to me and I literally align everything else in life around this so I can express myself. All I want to do is play kiff tunes for my kiff friends on a kiff farm somewhere haha

2) Best event/non-event experience away from home?

Prefix: There are MANY non-event experiences I could list but I’ll stick to the music experiences for this one, my top pick is Modem Festival in Croatia. This is hands down the best party on the planet, there are better festivals but this is the best party for sure.

3) What can we expect from you, now that you are back home?

Prefix: I plan to still play many shows but I will be a little more selective about where and when so I don’t dilute my intention and experience I like to create for the listener. You can however expect a journey in every set, I ALWAYS curate a journey that fits with who I play after and who comes after me.

4) Any tips for artists touring overseas or making such a journey as yourself?

Prefix: I found it tough to get in as a stranger when I traveled, it helped to try connect to some key people before arriving so I knew who to meet with and network from there. The main tip I can offer is to not go in guns blazing asking for gigs or who is who in the zoo, meet the right people and just be genuine. Hang out, get to know them, chat about what you’re passionate about and become friends. Everything will fall in place from there.

5) Advice to the dreamers & up n comers out there?

Prefix: Don’t be a sheep. Don’t play tracks in the Beatport Top 10. Play a style that gives you goosebumps, whatever it may be. Mix in the correct key, this will take your sets to the next level. Experiment with ways of playing that break away from the linearity of a DJ set. Smile, show that you are having fun, nobody wants to dance to a DJ that isn’t having a great time. If you are playing off a laptop, put it to one side and try not look at the screen a lot. Don’t stand directly in front of the laptop, you’re not checking emails or surfing Facebook. Turn down the monitors occasionally and tune in to the dance floor, you need to get on their page so you can guide them through your intended experience.





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