In Black & White Artist Exclusive – JIMMY LAW

Working with such an organization (ie MCBN) has given me the greatest sense of diversity in terms of reach and in that have been given the opportunity to grow into various other industries. Social media has brought me some wonderful things over the years but this stands out quite a lot compared to my usual shenanigans. This week and for the first time since I’ve started writing, I bring you another IBAW Exclusive, in the form of an art-mogul: Jimmy Law.

Name: Jimmy Law

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Website: Here


Expressionism is the only way we can explain what you are about to see. Jimmy’s work is something we crave as an art enthusiasts to see LIVE and though I haven’t had the opportunity I feel like what we see currently is viable enough to search for this in the year to come. Jimmy explains that there is a drive behind his progression, feeling that a piece in mind needs to be completed. The waiting game is only for those who push the envelope as you only wait to reap the benefits more than an outcome. The Jimmy Law movement is a real thing and his art screams that with pieces being sent out all over Europe on the regular to fill spaces and illuminate the space it currently fills. An all-round beast of his craft, regardless of what field you in, you can be assured that you can look to him for indirect guidance. Inspiration can stem from anywhere and this is a great example of this.


1) Describe yourself in three words

Jimmy: Impatient… passionate… perfectionist.

2) A dream piece you want to finish?

Jimmy:  I cannot say… if there was a specific piece I absolutely want to do then I would just do it… I am too impatient to wait. 

3) Your favorite piece you have done?

Jimmy: Marilyn Monroe.

4) Artist of any kind we should all look out for?

Jimmy: Too many to mention.

5) Advice for dreamers, up n’ comers & anyone pursuing their passions?

Jimmy: Never give up. Keep working on your craft and always focus on progressing. Focus on developing a unique style, its very important for a long term career. Put your work out there as much as possible.



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