“I will have a fruity career in your steamy company” – Is this the worst job interview ever?

worst job interview ever skypeRakesh Mahanti, from Jharsugudha in India has had the unfortunate luck of becoming an internet sensation after absolutely screwing up an interview on Skype for a Network Engineer job in nearby Oman. Clearly English is not this guy’s first language as we all become very aware of when watching the clip. During the hilarious interview Rakesh repeatedly refers to his female interviewer as “Sir” and then despite earlier professing to be ‘technology mad’, he owns up about the fact that it was his first time on Skype or “Spyke” as he likes to call it.

Then as if sent straight from the comedy heavens above he makes sure that his interviewer understands just how capable and excited he is for his future career at the company by saying this-

‘Sir, I will have a fruity career in your steamy company. I will perform and reach the climax position.’

Brilliant. Not too sure that he’s going to get the job, but it’s still a fantastic lesson for all of us on how not to do a Skype job interview.

Enjoy a good laugh below:


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