I Lost My Masque At The Ball.


I never really thought my weekend could get better after Friday and Saturday’s little shindig, actually wait – that’s a blatant lie. I was in fact 100% certain that my weekend was being built up into Sundays monstrosity they called Masqued Ball. Partially due to the fact that half of Cape Town was attending and more obviously due to the fact that they had lined up Ace Ventura to CLOSE off the 5th Annual Masqued Ball. One thing people who have attended an Alien Safari will know is, that no matter what time it is, whether it is 10pm on Saturday night or 3pm the following day the dance floor remains the same size until the final song is played. This might sound a little ridiculous but this could have been the most fun I have EVER had.

We arrived at 7am after a couple stops and when I say we got a good parking, we got a good parking – A stone throw away from the dance floor. Unfortunately for me, everyone wanted to pour drinks and chill at the car and slowly ease into things. I, on the other hand had other plans. I poured my drinks and in my overly excited state ran off to the dance floor straight to the front right which was a complete mud pit by now.

I just caught the end of Plusminus who were playing some seriously psycadelic tunes. Mike and Dave have changed their sound over the last few years and have progressed into two of Cape Town’s sickest DJ’s. Next up was Myzo. Now she surely must be doing something right because I keep getting same questions from people on the dance floor week in, week out asking who she is, where she is from and how the hell she plays such slamming beats for a chick. It’s the fourth time I have seen her behind the decks and each times gets better. Pushing the BPM up to around 147 at 8am in my eyes was an absolute pleasure especially when you can hear those filthy Dirty Motion tunes being belted out of the sound system.

Shift was up next up, the sun was out and it was around 98 degrees outside. Okay, that’s a slight little lie but I’m sure you get my drift. I got terribly excited about three quarters of the way into his set when he slowly started mixing in latest ShiFt collaboration with Deliriant. Alien had set up a mystical sprinkler system that was misting the dance floor with great effect. But it didn’t help my hydration situation. I was knocking back every little sip of alcohol, water, juice, you name it to make sure I stayed hydrated. I thought it was a good move at the time but it I was wrong. I think this lead to me jamming in the full blown heat and catch a minor sun burn.


I have to be completely honest here, after Shift set, I spent a lot of the day missioning around, visiting peoples cars/tents and chill areas to sometimes hide from the heat, other times just to go check out the mooiness floating around (the amount of ridiculously good looking girls at this party blew my mind) but mainly it was spent waiting for Ace Ventura. I have been following this guy for about 3 years now and his sound mytifies me.


Joti Sidtu played that more European styled tech infused prog, not the kind that we are used to here. He started off slow and as any good DJ would, picked up that the Cape Town crowd wanted something more, something with a little boost. That’s exactly what we got. His set was magical, the water misters left the dance floor looking like a hazy playground and decor was mind blowing. Alien sure put on the full show with those gigantic crazy trippy creatures and freaks on stilts making their way through the crowds. The whole production was done very well. The music coming from the speakers was just getting better and better  and as Joti made way for Cape Town’s Dave Mac things only got more exciting before Ace Ventura.


At this stage, I was pretty much covered head – to – toe in mud (Thanks Shan) and barely standing on one leg surviving. I had a moment of encouragement when the legend Jack Parow dropped some inspiration. Or more like an approval – “Jurre p#%s, how the hell are you still standing, you have done well ekse  brah!” which means I must have been “slightly” drunk.  I blame the sun.


I look up, music quietens down, the crowd is sensing the time is about to arrive. Dave Mac switches off his final tune and raises his hands to acknowledge the legend, Ace Ventura. He came out firing with the style I like calling psytech, a sound very few DJ’s can master. It was insane, the rig was turned up and the dance floor just as full – if not fuller then before and people were amped. His interaction with the crowd and his style behind the decks made it a pleasure to watch. At times, I was even caught standing and just staring, watching and mentally taking notes. It was brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday. His final set made the drive home a breeze.


To Alien Safari, Colin and Liza especially, that was a top class production and it’s an absolute pleasure to be on an Alien Safari dance floor (muddy or not)

One MASSIVE thanks goes out to Ace Ventura. If I could watch that set again, I would. Over and over and OVER again. That is one live set I will never forget.

Thanks to Scott Rennie for all the amazing photographs, to see more trance party pics – click here

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  1. Definitely was an AWESOME party… every time i think back i have to crack a smile!

  2. it was such an amazing party!!!
    nice blog, thk you for your support, hope to see u at Mechanical Animals III, Disasterpeace event, this weekend! I will slam it has hardcore has it gets =p Finally! <3 Love, and light!

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