I Hate Valentines Day – Anton Taylor’s latest offering says what most of us are thinking

i-hate-valentines day

Our friend Anton Taylor has been at it again, this time sharing his feelings about Valentine’s Day with the internet at large. In the clip Anton pretty much acts out what we’ve all been thinking ever since we witnessed our dads first buying our mums a box of chocolates and singing roses on the 14th of February all those years ago.

Somehow, Anton has managed to relate the functionality of WeChat with his need to be loved on Valentine’s Day (I’m using my extensive psychology knowledge here to read into things) to produce a rather funny video that mirrors what most of us think about Cupid’s special day. The man is now officially a Youtube star and what is the first thing he does? – release a video of him hating on couples and shaking his phone in a manner that is suspiciously sexual in nature. What a guy…

So what about you mooiness and fellas? Are you feeling a touch of pressure this V-Day or can you also claim to hate Valentine’s Day as much as Anton does?

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  1. HYSTERICAL <3 so much love for this guy. Met him once and he was so polite and awesome and friendly and professional. He is so unbelievably funny! Mad respect Anton, love ur work.

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