Hyundai Rock The Run

rock the run

Since I’ve moved to Jozi from Cape Town, I’ve come to learn that peeps up here have an innate need to exercise and tell everyone about it. There have been times at work that people have literally discussed how fun it was being shocked by a live wire, while crawling through a pool of mud. Thankfully Rock the Run, features no more electricity than needed to power the speakers that your favourite bands and DJ’s are putting out along the way. Rock The Run is a unique mass participation event that integrates music with road running. Sponsored by Hyundai you’ll get to peruse their car displays and enjoy all the music from the event at an after party concert at the end of the race.

Confirmed performers for the day are the likes of MiCasa, Mango Groove and Matthew Mole! The concert in the park will be kicking off at 9am with a variety of DJ’s supporting the live acts! There will also be various music areas along the route including a Wall of Noise in the Sandton precinct.

rock the run action shot

Date: Sunday, 1st March 2015, 5km, 10km and 21.1km races are scheduled to start at 7:30am. Start and Finish Venue at the Mushroom Farm Park, Sandton.


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