Hurricane Sandy Fake pics

Hurricane Sandy has been the focus of most of the media entities this week (even though The Spaced Out Spartans were victorious in our Plate Victory last night). As a result there have been some sensational pictures of the destruction popping up on the internet and in magazines around the World. Being the gullible lot that most of us are, a few designers with a slight of hand in photoshop have managed to pull the wool over our eyes with some doctored pics.

Here are my top fake Hurricane Sandy pics:

Something-something about chilling infront of the graves of fallen unknowns. Yeah right, they’d rather be getting a burger.

This is not a horror movie about Snakes on a Plane, or Sharks on the Highway. A shark? Really?

Although it’s always funny to see a clown get his ass handed to him, this photo is fake as hell.

And last of all the blatant Independence Day Hurricane Sandy rip-off. I can’t you believe people shared this thinking it was real. SIES.

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