Hulk Hogan does Biggy on Def Jam Rapstar

You might remember a post I did some time back about the new Singstar-style rap video game called Def Jam Rapstar. We were all rather excited about spitting raps over backtracks of our favourite hip hop tracks while horribly drunk after a big night out on the town and apparently so was Hulk Hogan. In a new promo video, the Hulkster demonstrates some fine parenting by busting a Notorious BIG rap and then proceeding to flash his balls in front of his daughter Brooke.

While singing a Biggie tune, Brooke asks Hulkamania if he can do a booty dance. Soon after her shaking her money maker, the Hulk leans back, scratches around his brightly coloured shorts and then shakes his nether regions at the camera- classy.

No wonder poor Brooke is such a cooker…


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