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If there is any country in the world that needs social entrepreneurs impacting positive change, it’s South Africa. Red Bull Amaphiko, a collaborative, open community platform for entrepreneurs who want to change their corner of the world, has produced a six part series to highlight the inspirational stories of local social innovators. Taking impact and sustainability further, Red Bull Media House has partnered with Sunshine Cinema, a mobile, solar-powered cinema to share +27: SOCIAL INNOVATORS OF SOUTH AFRICA with the communities that feature in the episodes. They even involved a group of talented young film producers the skills development opportunity through their involvement in the making of this local series. The series can be viewed online ( and at Sunshine Cinema screenings taking place at venues in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town this April.

In teaming up with Red Bull AMAPHIKO, Sunshine Cinema and its solar partner MLT Drives are introducing the opportunity to “green your screening”- harnessing solar energy for social impact. This package gives event organizers an efficient, solar-powered solution to popup cinema, and the chance to benefit social and skills development through community based Sunshine Cinema Screenings & Workshops.

Sunshine Cinema / Red Bull AMAPHIKO Events:

17 April, 16:00 – 20:00 – Community Event @ Hubspace Khayelitsha
18 April, 10:00 – 15:00 – Special +27 Screenings @ 75 Harrington Street

*Cape Town Public keen to experience Sunshine Cinema screenings of the +27: Social Innovators series should visit the events taking place on the 17th of April at hubSpace in Khayelitsha between 4-8pm or 18 April at 75 Harrington Street Cape Town, any time between 10:00 and 15:00.

Says Rowan Pybus of Makhulu, Producer of the series and a Founding Partner of Sunshine Cinema: “This three year project with a 35 plus member crew was really motivated by the social entrepreneurs we were filming. Their journeys, in the face of adversity far greater than many of us will ever experience, showed us that this country of ours has great future leaders, people that care deeply about where they come from and what they can do to make their communities better.” While busy producing this exciting series, Pybus and fellow Cape Town based social entrepreneurs, were thinking about how media could truly be delivering positive impact, when so few South Africans could afford to access it… That was the start of Sunshine Cinema. With this neatly equipped mobile cinema unit, the Sunshine Cinema team screens short films and documentaries, of uplifting and useful content and shares practical ways to improve life, through a range of “How To” videos and facilitation workshops that address social and environmental challenges.

With a keen interest in African innovation, they identify simple solutions already in use in communities, and document these to share with other communities facing similar issues. This innovation in communication celebrates storytelling and contemporary media as a means to educate and inspire South Africans, and aims to motivate self-empowerment amongst its audiences. Through the power of ‘edutainment’ Sunshine Cinema enables communities to collectively address deep social issues and make positive change.

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