How’s About The “World’s Sexiest Beach” For Your Next Holiday Destination?

How's About The "World’s Sexiest Beach" For Your Next Holiday Destination?

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We’re all back at work/school/varsity and are probably already thinking about a suitable destination for the next spot of holiday. If you aren’t already considering a visit to Brazil for your next excursion, you definitely should be. To persuade you somewhat, have a look at this very factual video about The World’s Sexiest Beach of 2016, Ipanema Beach in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.

The patch of sand dripping with hotties galore can be found in the South Zone of the city of Rio, right next to the super popular and world-famous Copacabana Beach. Most of the people I’ve spoken to can attest to the sheer amounts of sex flowing in Brazil and around the beaches of this beautiful country, so it looks like all that’s left for me to do is hit the internet to make my booking for later this year.

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