Howler One of Only NINE Finalists in the Annual FNB Business Innovation Awards!

Innovative ticketing and event solution brand, Howler has been nominated as one of nine finalists in the 2018 FNB Business Innovator of the Year Awards, with the winner being announced tomorrow. The award celebrates the efforts of high-impact entrepreneurs who’ve created world-class, industry-disrupting, scalable companies with unique ways of doing business.

Howler’s fearless leaders, Shai Evian and Stephen Cuzen, say they are thrilled to be recognized at such a prestigious level and are proud to be among the hundreds of exceptional companies nominated for the award.

“As a relatively new start-up of only 4 years and because we operate in a cutting-edge, tech-driven space, being a finalist re-affirms our solutions are solving serious problems in our market. We’re operating in a competitive, dynamic landscape. This kind of acknowledgment by FNB BIA means we aren’t pushing the boundaries just for the sake of it; Howler is actually changing things and making things happen.” – Shai Evian

Howler assists it’s consumers and event organizers in streamlining their events via cashless transactions and ticket handling, distribution, and more – leaving organizers and promoters to focus on the “moments that matter”. They do so by offering, specialized event management from ticket sales to guest lists, registration, event promotion, cashless payments and using rich data to boost event-goers’ experiences and even organizers’ decision-making.

By number, Howler is also ahead of the global game in cashless events having handled over 200 cashless events in the last 12 months alone, reaching more than 1m customers. There have even been events where guests arrived with no cash at all, constituting a 45% increase in attendees not taking wallets to events. It’s safe to say, crowd behavior is actually changing, in measurable ways.

Their team can also provide and empower event organizers with priceless insights into attendance patterns and clear event financials. Howler itself employs over 300 staff while the rich data that they provide places promoters in the best position for profitability – creating better sustainability for events, job creation, and a more educated market.

“Howler stands out as a business because we’re not afraid to take big risks. We’re trying to solve a set of very specific problems, and if the industry isn’t ready for that level of disruption, too bad. In order for individual solutions to work, a new and integrated ecosystem is needed. So we’re building one. Ready or not.” – Shai Evian

We truly believe Howler is worthy of the nomination and award because they tick all the boxes: an innovative, risk-taking company that has a unique business model that cannot be easily replicated with the potential for scale and accelerated growth. While factors like brand reputation, stakeholder relations, goodwill, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility have also played a role in the decision-making process.

We’re proud to see a local business like Howler making waves in the local and global industry. Keep your eyes peeled for the FNB Business Innovation Award winner announcement – for more information follow Howler on facebook and check out their website.

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