How will Huawei users in South Africa be affected by Google’s lock-out?

Google cuts ties with Huawei


The USA recently blacklisted Chinese tech giants, Huawei over security concerns, forcing Google’s parent company, Alphabet to halt any and all business with Huawei. The sanction will stop the transfer of both software and hardware between companies, ending their partnership on the Android smartphone operating system. Essentially, this means that all Google applications and services including Youtube, Maps and the Play store will no longer work on Huawei devices.

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But what exactly does that mean for Huawei in South Africa as the most sold smartphone brand in the country second to Samsung? While Government officials have stated that they will not follow in the USA’s footsteps and will not discriminate against any business or brand in South Africa, that does not mean your device won’t be affected. Certain apps owned by Alphabet may stop working, or disappear altogether. Current and older devices may not readily feel the full effect of Google’s absence, but newer and forthcoming Huawei devices most certainly will.

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