How Was Burning Man?


Fun is what you have when you’re down at the water-park on Jimmy’s birthday eating cheeseburgers and playing grab ass. The BURN is the entire spectrum of the human experience concentrated and nothing short of literal fucking magic” Said every baby Burn goer ever.

We all know somebody whose life has been drastically impacted by attending Afrikaburn; in fact you may even be that person. Symptoms of the Burn may include: A reinvented personality, a more connected soul, a sounder mind and clearer vision. Ah, the gory and after-glow of the Burn, just glowing bright enough to keep reality at bay, for a while.  Jokes aside though, this gifting based economy (it’s not bartering, okay) with burning wooden structures, naked yoga, and a diet of dust and empathy, is really something to behold.

But for those of you who have never been, attempting find out about another person’s personal experience is quite an experience in itself. Basically, it’s incomprehensible, incomparable, a one of a kind experience that doesn’t exist until experienced. Sounds like acid right? Right.

In this mere 3 min video, YOU will learn everything there is to know about…THE BURN and also not. It’s everything and it isn’t.  It just can’t be explained.

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