How to smuggle beer into the stadium next year

So at MyCityByNight we know how much you like to drink and how little you like to spend your own money on drinking, which is why when we came across this little gem when we were trawling the internet for good bulk deals on glitter paint and fluffy handcuffs we just had to share it with you…


They’ve even got the more subtle version for you ladies out there that maybe dont want people to think you have a beer boep or that you’re not really one that believes in foetal alcohol sydrome and its roots in drinking while pregant. Besides, as the ad mentions DAS SEXY and you get to have bigger boobies for at least 90 mins of a World Cup Soccer game!

Hooray for BEER BOOBIES!



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  1. what about me? its gonna be tough for me to get beer into the stadium cause i have built in beer boop

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