“How SA blockchain startups plan to disrupt traditional industries” – A Cape Town Meetup

How SA blockchain startups plan to disrupt traditional industries


The world is waking up to the full potential of blockchain technology and there is a new breed of startups positioning themselves to capitalise. Education, finance and energy are all traditional industries that will be disrupted and there are a handful of startups that plan to use blockchain to deliver value not previously possible.

On the 9th of May 2019, Blockchain Community Event will be bringing the founders of these ventures together to dive into the problems they’re tackling and why using the blockchain will change the game.

// Speakers 🎤

Speaker 1: Sean Sanders and Louis Buys– Founders of Revix (https://www.revix.com/)

Speaker 2: Ed O’Reilly- Co-founder and COO of Nona (https://nona.digital/about/)

Speaker 3: Allan Davids- Chief Data Scientist at Registree (https://registree.rocks/)

Speaker 4: Andrew Murray – Co-founder of Switch

// Location 📌

Startupbootcamp Afritech, Green Point, Cape Town.

We’ve partnered up with Startupbootcamp Africa, who’s comfy auditorium will keep you engaged for the evening.
You can also expect an outside bar area with snacks and (cold) beer :).

// Program 💡

17:30 // Drinks, snacks and networking
18:20 // Intro
18: 30 // Speaker 1
19:00 // Speaker 2
19: 30 // Break: Drinks and networking
20: 00 // Speaker 3
20:30 // Wrap up
20:45 // After-networking

// Tickets

Tickets will be limited and issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please register for a ticket here, and present it at the door upon arrival: https://qkt.io/lAFLHI

// Sponsors and event partners //

Spike Growth
Startupbootcamp AfriTech (check out http://bit.ly/sbcfritech to apply to their accelerator programme)

SQUARE5 Vol. 4 Cape Town

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