How many Lego blocks does it take to build a real house?

Considering its Friday morning I figured that I would begin the day off with some light reading. When you were a kid did you ever wish that you could have a real house just like the crazy multi-coloured one with caves and pirates that you just built. Well, now you can- sort of.

James May from Top Gear fame was the first bloke to build an entire house from LEGOs in 2009 and it was this monumental feat that inspired Movoto to create the ‘LEGO My House’ tool. It allows you to calculate how many LEGO blocks it would take to build an average American home and how much it would cost to do. The answer? Well just a smidgen over 10 million LEGOs and roughly a mllion US dollars for a “modest” 2000 square foot house- capable of housing pirates or any other yellow men.

Try it out for your own dream home.

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