How mad is this guy???

We get sent a great deal of strange stuff here at MyCityByNight… Thankfully once in a while we’re spoiled with an absolute gem…

Thanks to the awesomeness of PVR, mobile phones with cameras, internet connectivity and the sense of humour of a 5 year old we were received this absolute beauty of pic!!!


Yes. Thats right. We said it 🙂 hahahahahahahahahaha

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  1. This is so old dude. The best part about this is that all the foreigners who watch cricket now know what kak and mal means.

    1. @mspr1nt- Really? Only saw this for the first time now… do you know what game/tourney this was taken from? Hilarious! 🙂

  2. I think this must have been the Australia series. But yeah, it’s quite funny…they started calling him KAKMAL (his name is Kamran Akmal) during that series and all the South Africans kindly informed our international friends exactly what it means. It so went viral in Pakistan 😉

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