How do guys react to a Drunk Girl In Public? (Social Experiment)

drunk girl in public social experiment

There are times when I think that these Social Experiments are edited in order to put across a certain point of view – in the case of this one detailing guys’ reactions to a drunk girl in public, I certainly hope so because it’s really sad that they couldn’t find a single decent guy that would help out a hottie in need.

All the guys in the clip, treated the “wasted” girl as a huge opportunity to get some sex, which depresses the hell out of me. I would hope that if they did the same thing here in South Africa that at least some of the guys would be kind enough to get the girl home safely without trying anything.

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  1. Nornally the stuff you post is pretty decent but this was some real put on fake bullshit….

    Com’on dudes – dont stoop…

  2. If you can’t tell that this is fake and that everyone in this clip is acting ( terribly ) you are an idiot and you need to stop believing everything you see on the internet. This entire thing has been proved to be a hoax. Google drunk girl viral hoax video.

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