Hot On Top #RediscoverJozi Part.1

Hot On Top returns with #RediscoverJozi Part.1


The team at Hot On Top is well known for putting together simply superb parties that all of us Jozi-based late night alumni love being at. #RediscoverJozi is a new series of Hot On Top events, designed to explore the beautiful spaces that shaped the unique city of Jozi. The first edition will be taking place at Constitution Hill, which is sometimes overlooked as one of the most culturally rich venues available in the constantly innovating city of Johannesburg.

We can look forward to the finest in electronic music, both old and new – because after all, true beauty is timeless.



The Constitution Hill Women’s Prison.
Constitution Hill, 11 Kotze Street, Johannesburg


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Chris De Vos (Sexy Groovy Love – CT)
Metro Ticket (Deep Town)
Morrison Taylor (Pop Art Live)
Phil Townsend (CT)
Headphase (Hot On Top)
Carly (Hot On Top)
Jag (sub_urban state / Lorem Ipsum)



We had some time to catch up with the organisers ahead of this week’s party:

MCBN: Hi Alex, good to be chatting to you again! We’re looking forward to the next round of Hot On Top events as we’ve heard they’re going to be a little bit special. What can we look forward to for this week’s event?

Hot On Top (Alex): Hey, Always nice to chat to you guys again. This Friday is the first event of a series we are doing, called #RediscoverJozi.

MCBN: Tell us some more about #RediscoverJozi – where did the idea for the party stem from?

After seeing some of the world’s greatest festivals and party cities in Europe in 2013 , I found it really shit adjusting to going to the same bars every weekend in Joburg when I returned… So I decided to start Hot On Top with a vision of always create unique experiences in cool venues people hadn’t seen before… This became an incredible journey where I re-discovered my city and learning so much about our past in the process. A good example would be, when I found a beautiful Banking Hall in the CBD which I learned was now a national heritage site built in the 1900’s by Sir Herbert baker, a legendary architect from Randlord Era, who also designed beautiful mansions all over the Westcliff ridge. #ReDiscoverJozi is to share this journey and explain how and why we have chosen a venue.


MCBN: What goes into the selection of venue choice for the #RediscoverJozi Hot On Top party series?

They need to have a rich history and something special about them. On this first weekend of Heritage month, we thought it would be a perfect time to expose the past and celebrate our freedom and new constitution. The Space we are showcasing is the old all-woman’s jail at constitution hill, which is now a museum the our guest can walk through. The event space is in an open-air grassed area surround the a contrasting historic prison and new architecture designed by Thomas Chapman, who also recently designed a Cultural Centre in Sophiatown, which received a lot of attention in the 2016 Design Indaba. 4.) You have recently started supporting the “Lalela –Art is Power” project, tell how this charity is involved in this event?

Last weekend we arranged a guided tour for the children of the old prisons and the Constitutional court, thereafter they painted old Vinyl records inspired by the space and our new democracy. These artworks will be on sale at the event and all proceeds from art sales and a portion of ticket sales will go to supporting these underprivileged creatives and our ongoing outreach programme with them.


MCBN: What do you think makes Jozi different from the rest of the South African cities?

This is a working city, people come here to get ahead in their careers. Which means it’s a lot of 1st generation business people come here to network, make new friends and better their chances of success, much like New York city which is 80% 1st generation. it’s not about where you are from, it’s rather about what you do… There is something very exciting about how the open-mined attitude which supports entrepreneurship!


MCBN: In terms of musical selection, who can we look forward to hearing at future #RediscoverJozi parties?

We like to expose timeless electronic with particular focus on the sounds of Disco, house and Techno. At this event, Headphase and Carly will play the a combination of House and Nu- Disco, whilst Metro Ticket and Chris De Vos will be on House & Techno duties. Special Guest performances by our Producer friends, Phil Townsend (CT) and Morrison Taylor (Pop Art Live)& JAG have something a little different up their sleeve which you will have to hear for yourselves..

MCBN: We’d love to do a party collaboration between MCBN and Hot On Top, what’s your view on collaborative efforts between industry insiders?

We should definitely talk about it. Collaboration is key for creative results! I wonder what could come of this 🙂 let’s chat this weekend.

MCBN: Thanks so much for chatting to us, we’re looking forward to this weekend’s party!



Early Bird: R140 (Only 100 available) ON SALE NOW
Regular Pre-Sale: R190 (Prior to week of the event)
Final Pre-Sale: R250 (Week of the event)

Door Price: R280

Tickets available from NuTickets:



There will be a secure Uber drop-off / pick-up area. Their guest relations team will also be there to direct you to the event entrance. Underground parking is available for all sober drivers, with a lift that takes you directly to the entrance.

P.S. The entire Consitution Hill precinct is a secured area and our event space is not accessible to the public during these hours.
Google Maps Pin:

#RediscoverJozi #SeeYouOnTop

For more info check out the Facebook event over here

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