Homer Simpson Is A Doh!-pe Head

MyCityByNight reckon you all gonna some what love Homer now, and also know for sure why he may be a little slow at times!

In one of the biggest pot busts in recent years, Mexican authorities seized at least 105 tons of marijuana bound for the U.S.
The marijuana was found wrapped in 10,000 packages, which were displayed to journalists by soldiers in masks. Duarte said the drug had an estimated street value in Mexico of 4.2 billion pesos, about $340 million.

Proudly stuck on some of the parcels was an image of Homer Simpson saying, “I’m going to get high, dude!” may appear naive. But considering the Vatican’s newspaper declared Homer Simpson a “true Catholic” over the weekend, perhaps it was more a coded plea for clemency.


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  1. What happens to all that weed now? do they just burn it all? im sure we can help them get rid of it…

  2. Good question… I am sure they burn it.

    I definitely think we could help them get rid of it. hahahaa

  3. They’ll probs sell it all to the DEA or sell it to the cartels or druglords, then make some more arrests and make it look like theyre winning the war on drugs….

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