Homeless guy from NYC sleeps with a different woman each night to keep a roof over his head

homeless millenial

In one of the more left field stories to come out of this year – we get to see an up close and personal look at a 26 year old homeless guy who lives on the streets. The twist in what is seemingly an everyday story comes with the fact that Joe (that’s his name) is a homeless guy living on the New York City streets who tries to keep a roof over his head by seducing different women each night – going home to their place, keeping him sheltered from the elements.

He uses all of the money that he earns from begging on his general upkeep and then aims to get 3 or more women a week to take him home for some fun and a nice comfy bed for the night. Joe is by no means a runway model, but obviously has the most insane game ever seen on planet earth. What a story.

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