Homegrown Sat 2 Oct with CAMO & KROOKED (Austria)


One of my favourite Drum and Bass acts are in Cape Town and if you missed Camo & Krooked at Fiction last Thursday then I got some good news for you. The legends of the Drum and Bass scene in Cape Town, Homegrown have made sure those that missed them the first time will be lucky enough to see them again. They will be supported by some of Cape Town’s finest artists. I haven’t been to Homegrown in about 6 months, we attempted it like 2 months ago but they line was so long we didn’t even make it inside. This party is going to kill it. Don’t miss this… seriously… DON’T! 

Camo & Krooked:

“One of the biggest talents in Drum & Bass” (according to GROOVERIDER). When Vienna based CAMO and KROOKED teamed up in 2007 nobody could have guessed the impact their collaboration would have on DRUM & BASS.

Since then they have written some of the hottest and most devastating dancefloor anthems Drum & Bass has heard in a long time. With this amazing musical talent and ambition they have managed to get releases on the biggest labels in Drum & Bass and also heavy FM support from BBC RADIO 1.



Mercury Live


Camo & Krooked
General Sound
MC Psyke

Entrance Fee:

R60 – This month only due to the cost of hosting an international DJ. Next month, back to the usual R40

This is seriously one event you don’t want to miss. Camo and Krooked are going to tear Mercury apart. If it’s anything like there most recent performance at Fiction last week, then you better get ready to hear some slamming drum and bass. No doubt the usual Homegrown suspects will be doing the dance floor damage we have come to expect from them. The Homegrown floor at Earthdance was insane. At one stage the DnB was going so mental and the dance floor was thriving off it so hard core there was a little mos pit going on up front. Good times…

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