“Home Alone With Blood” Definitely Changes The Movie Quite A Bit

"Home Alone With Blood" Definitely Changes The Movie Quite A Bit


Anyone that grew up as Millenial or has at all been at home with only the option of e-tv and SABC to choose from for video entertainment would be well aware that Home Alone is an absolute classic feel good romp, with the little kid Kevin McAllister owning two would-be robbers with a bunch of ingenious traps constructed from household objects.

However, this, being the internet – someone has done two remakes of a few of the scenes from the Home Alone movies and added a bunch of blood into them, to show what things would actually be like if the little kid did half of the stuff he did in the movies. The remake is called Home Alone With Blood and basically makes Kevin look like a homicidal maniac hell bent on inflicting as much pain as possible on the robbers trying to break into his house while his family is away.

Look, I didn’t exactly hate that. It would be interesting to see someone like Quentin Tarantino have a crack at remaking one of these childhood classics to be far more Hateful 8 than Home Alone.

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