Hold on, has someone made a fitbit for your penis?

lovely fitbit for your penis

These days wearable tech is the rage and to make this point even more – someone has decided to come up with what is essentially a fitbit for your penis called Lovely. What the app and cock ring do (look let’s be honest, it’s a cockring that connects to your phone), is take readings of data from your session of bonking in order to provide you with some handy tips on how to improve. Apparently the app is able to tell which positions you’ve covered during your shag as well as provide real tie advice on how to do better mid-act, thanks to real time data from your willy.

lovely tips

This product, being aimed at guys is obviously going to lead to more in depth and factual sexual conquest chats with mates, with guys now being able to tell their friends just how many g’s of force they generated while they were deep up in Lerato last night – #science. However, the manufacturer insists that the purpose of lovely is to improve your lovemaking with your partner – just in case you didn’t feel self-conscious enough.

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